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Thursday, March 24, 2005
a little bit of everything all wrapped up in a pita
do you know who came to my site the other day? well, neither do i. but, i do (i told you i liked using italics) know that said person goes to my school. how do i know this you ask? (you probably didn't ask that, but we'll assume you did for sake of the post) i knew this because my sitemeter said that someone from drexel visited via pink lemonade diva. so, to anonymous fellow drexel student, i welcome you with hopes that you have not experienced the shaft to the same extent that i have.


i'm a creature of routine and habit. i'm not very fond of change. especially if it's drastic change all at once. i find it a bit overwhelming and it makes me feel like i'm in china, and everythings moving really fast, and i don't know what anyone's saying, and despite my best efforts i just cannot find a wawa that will sell me a coke slurpee. so i've been incredibly shocked at how i've been able to handle things the past few weeks.

in exactly 5 (that's right...FIVE!) days, i'm going to be sitting on a plane en route to a country i've never been to before (england...i was about to write london before i realized that london isn't a country. unfortunatley when i told my co-worker that "my sister is going to tahiti, you know, one of those islands in hawaii" i was not able to hit the backspace button and prevent myself from the pointing and laughing directed at me all at once from all directions*), a country i might add that does not house anyone i know, doing something i've never done before.

i think the reason i have not yet freaked out is because it has still not yet hit me that i'm actually going to be leaving this country and not seeing anyone i know for 10 (TEN!) weeks. i'll probably realize that this is not all one big dream approximately one minute before i order 3 (THREE! i promise i won't do that anymore) screwdrivers from the stewardess (that's right, i said it). luckily for me international flights means free liquor. i can envision my extreme giddyness in my tiny-3-by-0.5-foot-area-airlines-like-to-call-coach just now.


i suppose i could pretend like i'm extremely cool and created this entirely new and unique design all by myself, but you all know that i'm soooooo not cool, and that if there's one thing i do, it's give credit when it's due (there was no intention for that to rhyme). so, having said that, i simply must tell everyone that this stunningly dashing new blog design is all the creation of the incredibly talented catherine from flirt in a skirt. cat decided to create a non-profit little business on the side, called blog togs, where she creates, designs, and implements a completely unique design that totally signifies everything that is you. how she is able to do this? i have no idea, and if she tried to explain it'd just put me to sleep, but none-the-less she does and for this cat i say thank you. i love my design and you totally captured what i had pictured in my mind.

* slight was really one person pointing and laughing at me while she spun around in circles.**

**okay the circles thing was just a blatant lie. it was really just pointing and laughing. minus the pointing.
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like a phoenix we burn
ourselves all our lives hoping
that the ashes will give birth
to a new us... but all that's left
in the end is nothing.

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