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Thursday, March 31, 2005
alive in london
hola, oops, wrong language. g'day mates!

well, i'm still alive, albeit a bit tired still. i don't really have time for a long, elaborate post today. but, i will say, god damn it rains a lot here. seriously, like, i thought it was all hype. NOPE! i get out of the plane and what's the first thing i'm greeted with? no not a lei, RAIN! right on my head too. i'm starving to see the sun, and for a steady stream of water.

still can't believe i'm here, maybe when i do something touristy like go to see big ben it'll really hit home.

well, cheerio!
my philosophy...

like a phoenix we burn
ourselves all our lives hoping
that the ashes will give birth
to a new us... but all that's left
in the end is nothing.

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