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Monday, February 07, 2005
we just won the superbowl, so why am i so sad?

i'll give you a moment to rub your eyes and realize that i did indeed just type that on this page. i know it may come as a shock to you that there are still nhl fans out there amidst this horrible, lockout, but there are, and i'm sick of it.


as a die hard hockey fan who ignorantly refuses to accept the fact that hockey is barely a 'major four' sport (i will always be adamant that it's right at the top, ahead of football even...HEY. STOP LAUGHING, that's not a joke) it pains me to see the depths that this sport is sinking to as a result of greed.

tonight i witnessed my favorite nfl team enter into a class of great teams that can only be described as 'dynasties'. but you can bet your pretty little heart that i would trade all the jubilation and joy i've experienced for three of the last four years in watching my patriots excel just to see my poor, pathetic, sad new york rangers put me through the agony of truly believing that they'd make the post-season only to crash and burn and miss the play-offs for yet another year (this year would most likely have been the EIGHT, i repeat EIGHTH year in a row). and yet despite what i know would only bring me frustration i would still give it all up just for one. more. game.

now many of you are probably thinking, 'this kid is crazy' there's no way you can put this pathetic league right up there with the nfl, oh but you're wrong my foolish grasshopper. hockey is the coolest, fastest, most physical and toughest game on earth. you're constantly skating at an extremely fast speed, shooting pucks at 100+ miles an hours, diving in front of said pucks to try and block them, throwing your bodies at people and into solid walls and glass, not to mention, YOU'RE ON FRICKIN' ICE! anyone who wishes to debate this with me feel free and bring it on, i warn you though, you'll just be another casualty.

but i digress...the whole point of this post is that there is a large void right now due to this lockout. i realize that i'm one of the luckiest sports fans in that i've been able to witness my red sox and my patriots win their respective championships all within a span of four months, but man what i wouldn't give to walk into msg and be hit with with the fresh smell of the ice. hearing my feet make the squishy noises with each step i make from the sticky beer-drenched floor. taking part in the chants 'let go rangers' even though we all know deep down that they'll let us down in the end (much like the eagles do to philly).
i miss the exhilarating feeling when the lights dim and the announcer begins his routine of announcing 'ladies and gentlemen, the NEW YORK RANGERS!' i miss john enumerate hold the last note of the star spangled banner as he turns around a full 360 degrees so that every fan can feel the power of his voice. i miss the thrill of a breakaway, the crunch of a hard bodycheck into the boards, the chants taunting the opposing goalie. i miss seeing the look on an opposing players face when he's just been given a great chance to score and got robbed by our goalie. i miss seeing the beautiful passes and fancy stickers. i miss watching players chasing for a loose puck, giving everything they've got on each and every play.

it's been a great year, two championships, one that hasn't been achieved in 86 years. but watching the baseball postseason and then the nfl playoffs makes me miss my hockey that much more because nothing compares to coolest game on earth.

i wan't my nhl.
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