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Monday, February 28, 2005
i heart my tivo, huckabee's not so much
this weekend has made me realize two things that i otherwise might not have:
  1. it is absolutely painful and boring to watch an awards show without the glorious functions that my tivo provides.
  2. i do not like i heart huckabee's.

my netflix choices for this weekend were extremely disappointing to say the least. "sky captain and... (i forget the rest of the title)" just did not do it for me. visually it was stunning and a great throwback to the good ol' days. but even worse than that was "i heart huckabee's" which was so painfully boring that i was forced to shut it off after 45 minutes.

the oscars, while good, were not 3-hours-of-my-time good. i curse myself for forgetting to tivo and fast forward through bitchonce (aka beyonce). i mildly contemplated doing a "real-time" blogging of the event, but come on people, that would require waaaaaaay too much effort. and don't you know already, effort is not my middle name.

for those of you in the tri-state area, i highly recommend you go to the philadelphia art museum and see the salvador dali exhibit. i went sunday afternoon and it was truly stunning. a must-see if you will.

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