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Thursday, February 17, 2005
caution: predominantly vulgar and CAPS heavy post below




what transpired yesterday (2/16) is an event that will forever go down as the saddest day in hockey history. it's bigger than gretzky being traded or the cheap shot todd bertuzzi gave to steve moore.

yesterday the nhl cancelled the 2004-2005 hockey season...over a measly 6.5 million dollars!

i have a lot on my mind, a lot to say, much of which you won't care about since lets face it, it's easier to find a nickel from 1802 then it is to find a hockey fan. there's so much i'm feeling right now that i just cannot put down into words. for the last 2 hours i've been trying to write something that resembles anything close to a coherent post but it's nearly impossible.

i've been a loyal and devoted fan to this sport for over half my life. i've watched just about every game my team has played since the early 90's and try to watch as many non-team games as i possibly can. for anybody who knows anything about hockey, i'm a die-hard rangers fan, the last 7 or 8 years have been anything but fun to watch. and yet i sat there through it all faithfully rooting and pulling for a team that is more embarrassing to watch than seeing the yankees with a 3-0 series lead and on the verge of winning game 4 with mariano rivera on the mound, in the 8th inning, only to see them lose not only that game but the next 3 as well, and to of all people, the red sox (haha, i gotta throw in a cheap shot every now and then).

but after seeing the greed that these players and owners are driven by, do you really expect us loyal fans to come back with open arms? you've spat in the face of every hockey fan that's still left. you come onto podiums and announce the canceling of the season and yet still have the audacity to say that 'you're sorry', 'you tried all you could', and 'nobody feels worse about this than you'.


gary bettman, please tell me you're joking. this must be a prep for some sad, pathetic snl skit. i know that you are not sitting there trying to say that you did everything you possibly could to prevent this. in the last 4 day, you and the union made strides bigger than the size of yao ming. you're divided by only 6.5 million dollars. both you and the union made offers, and then counter offers on tuesday night, but did either of you pick up the phone on wednesday? NO! so don't tell me you did everything you fucking could. i mean c'mon, you shouldn't even be on that fucking dais. the announcement should've been postponed and you guys should've tried to bridge this gap.

oh, and don't tell me you're sorry. you don't care about the game, you don't care about the tradition. you're a basketball guy, not a hockey one. you've never even played it. you're just a tiny, arrogant little shit who looks like a penis.

you know what though gary, you're lucky. i'll give you that, you're a lucky son of a bitch. you've been in this league for something like 10 or 12 years now, and have successfully managed to oversee not 1, but TWO lockouts, and yet you still have your job. but even more so than that gary, you're lucky because even before this lockout began, the nhl sucked. you managed to successfully deteriorate the game by over expanding into markets that CAN NOT sustain hockey, which then lead to a dilution of the talent, which lead to a poor on-ice product with low scoring games, which ruined ANY CHANCE the nhl could have ever had of attracting casual fans.

so i'll give you that gary, you're fucking lucky, because it will be easy for the nhl to bounce back from this. we have no fans right now, we have no tv revenue, and we have shitty attendance. you've driven this league so far down that it can't get any worse. to use an analogy, if you have a restaurant that only gets two customers and they have to shut down, it won't be hard for them to get more than that when they start back up.

but you know what, once again, FUCK YOU. you could've made this game great 10 years ago. when the rangers won the stanley cup hockey was as high as it could ever get. the nation was wrapped up i the drama of the seventh game of the stanley cup finals between new york and vancouver. you had a whole nation that was mesmerized with this fast paced, hard hitting sport. they were talking about it at work and on late night talk shows. baseball was as low as it ever was so we were already the third best sport. but it was even better than that gary because we were creeping up on number 2! everyone everywhere was talking about how this was better than basketball and if you watch a game live you'll get hooked. we were going straight to the top!

but what'd you do right after that gary? you commissioned a lockout, and it was 7 months before anyone saw hockey again. you got rid of the casual fans.

but i'm sick of writing about this now. it hurts too much to keep talking about what could've been. before i go though, i need to give a final 'FUCK YOU'.


you get to play a game i love for a career. a game that i would pay to play and any hockey fan would me more than glad to play for free. you get paid more in one year than most will ever make in their entire lives. you're greedy bastards and i truly hate you right now. you've taken a die-hard hockey fan, and made him disgraced to be one.

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