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Thursday, January 06, 2005
we can all do our part
on or around september 15th, 2001, i found myself unable to watch tv any longer. the constant images of the mass destruction that our country endured was too overwhelming for me. i personally found it easier to mourn without having a visual reminder shown to me every 5 minutes from every network.

in the aftermath of the tsunami i found myself in this similar position.

sometimes we find it easier to deal by simply distancing ourselves from that which is causing grief. but while doing so we must not forget that those that were affected are our fellow inhabitants on this planet and they are in need of help.

we're so far removed from the devastation and destruction that we might find it easy to forget. but the fact is over 150,000 innocent lives, mostly children, were lost. and all this due to something as random as the weather.

after 9/11 many countries came to our aid. people around the globe extended their support and gave donations to help the families that were coping with a loss. i feel it is now our time to return the helping hand that was given to us at that time.

i would like to strongly urge you to make any kind of
monetary donation possible to the relief effort in southeast asia. please do not forget that we are all one of the same.

you can make donations
my philosophy...

like a phoenix we burn
ourselves all our lives hoping
that the ashes will give birth
to a new us... but all that's left
in the end is nothing.

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