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Monday, January 17, 2005
my day off
i miss the old days when on a day off you could relax, sit back, pop open a good book, or maybe catch up on the time magazines that for the past 4 weeks have been collecting dust because you've been too busy to give them the attention they deserve. maybe you'd go catch a movie since the last one you'd seen in a theater was last summer, or get together with a bunch of friends and go out to eat, or better yet, go out to eat pancakes at (insert favorite pancake eating place here) for breakfast or brunch or any meal of the damn day you want since it's your day off and you can do that.

on this day off (if you choose to call it that) i awoke at 6am, after only 4 hours of sleep due to studying 'til 2 for my lsat test on feb 12, only to be forced to go out in the wild cold (where snow was on the ground mind you) to drop my sister off at the train station. came back home, showered, and proceeded to go to the most fun place in the entire world. seriously guys, i mean when you think of a rockin' party, or the best day ever, this is the place that you think of. got an image in your head, got your little happy place that'll take you to never never land (not the ranch) and make you fly, do you have it? okay...i bet we're all thinking of the same place...are you guys thinking of...........the library right now, because that's where i am.

okay so maybe i took it a wee bit too far there, but hey, that's what this place will do to you. it messes with your mind, especially when you've been here since 8:00am studying (again) for the lsats. oh but that's not all, oh no, in an hour (about 6:00pm) i get to go to class. can you all guess what class that is??? that's right, lsat class, candycanes go out to everyone who guessed right (we have a lot left over).

i guess i really shouldn't complain, and i normally don't, but i'm just in a mood today and i think everyone should be entitled to a mood every once in a while, otherwise we'd all be living in a happy joyous world. and seriously folks, if it were happy-go-lucky all the time, wouldn't you wanna punch someone, or better yet, head-butt them (haha, that was slick right, yeeaaaaaah, i know you love it).

but in all seriousness folks, thanks for bearing with me on my woe-is-me post, you wont hear any more whining out of me. after all, i do have something to look forward to and the end of all this.

10 glorious weeks spent studying abroad in london.

that's right. from the end of march to mid-june LONDON BABY!

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like a phoenix we burn
ourselves all our lives hoping
that the ashes will give birth
to a new us... but all that's left
in the end is nothing.

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