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Saturday, January 29, 2005
big day monday!
on monday, jan 31 (i can't believe it's the end of january seems like only yesterday i was drunk and broke my nose, oh the memories) i urge you all to go visit this cool chica catherine's blog. i just found out she existed only a few days ago and let me tell you, it's quite a cool place to be, it's where they paaaaaaaaaartay is at (and now i shall never return after realizing i am the biggest dork ever for just saying that).

no, but seriously, on monday she is going to be making a dollar donation to a charity, tbd, for every comment that is posted. i've never seen anybody do this before and it's an incredibly original and thoughtful idea so i suggest you all go and not only discover a cool blog but contribute to a good cause, still yet tbd.

as for me, i will most likely be out of commission for while. it's getting down to crunch time, lsat is less than two, i repeat two weeks away, so unless boredom reigns supreme at work i shall most likely not be posting.

and so, i my absence i hope to try and keep you all entertained in a fun game that i found from
cool chica catherine's blog (see #96 on 101 list). so, i start with a question, and then someone answers it in the comments section and then asks a new question. then the next person answers that and asks a new question and so forth.

so, if tomorrow you could pick up and go anywhere in the world, where would you go? and so we begin!

oh, and spread the word about the 'commenting for charity' at
cool chica catherines blog!
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like a phoenix we burn
ourselves all our lives hoping
that the ashes will give birth
to a new us... but all that's left
in the end is nothing.

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