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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
101 things all about me

here it is at long last. i had hoped to get this done in time to post exactly a month after i began blogging but i found it to be quite harder than it looks. especially since after every 15 things i'd be too sick of myself to think of more. oh well, it's the first of many lists, i promise the rest shall be short though.

  1. i am a november baby (scorpio to the bone).
  2. i was born an innie. still one to this day.
  3. i am 72 inches and 158lbs of all muscle (ha, who do i kid, i'm more like a pile of bones with skin attached).
  4. i am a creature of habit and routine.
  5. i sometimes have trouble dealing with major changes.
  6. i don't have many fears.
  7. i do have a fear of water in mass quantities though.
  8. i like to use italics.
  9. i often use them improperly.
  10. i like bi-gender movies.
  11. some people like to call them chick flicks. i am not one of those people.
  12. i have never been a beer person.
  13. i am very much a vodka person and a wine person.
  14. i love me some pinot grigio.
  15. i am not very religious.
  16. i have been the cheated and the cheatee (unaware of both).
  17. i can't ever see myself being a cheater.
  18. i dislike sweets (that includes both ice cream and chocolate).
  19. i often get irritated with my generation. we'll fight like hell to get family guy back on the air but won't show up at the polls to vote.
  20. i take voting very seriously.
  21. i am pro-choice.
  22. i am somewhat of a liberal.
  23. i was born in boston.
  24. i have two older sisters. they are two of the most important people in my life.
  25. i love going to comedy shows.
  26. i'm big on laughing.
  27. i can be quite shy around new people.
  28. i have received one birthday present in my life that has stood head and shoulders above all others and captured the essence that is me. a 24 pack of surge (a soda discontinued), and multiple orange jolly ranchers (a flavor discontinued).
  29. i am partial to products flavored in strawberry or orange. nothing beats cold strawberry pop tarts, or orange jolly ranchers.
  30. i am very organized. organization is key.
  31. i am as anal as they come when it come to the cleanliness of my room and surroundings.
  32. i have been told that this is a character trait that must be abandoned on a road in wyoming never to return again.
  33. i have a soft spot for wyoming. it's a perfect square.
  34. i like to dress nicely.
  35. but i love the days when i can be a scrub.
  36. i aspire to become a lawyer.
  37. i am not really sure why though.
  38. i do know that i love living in the northeast.
  39. i am very much a winter person.
  40. i will however complain about having to shovel.
  41. i am a die hard new york rangers fan.
  42. i am also a huge red sox fan (who's your daddy now biatch!).
  43. i have a very wide taste of music.
  44. i can go from listening to dmx straight to bon jovi and shania twain without a blink of the eye.
  45. i think one of my eyes is larger than the other.
  46. i did not intend for them to be that way.
  47. i'm a romantic.
  48. i am not one of those guys that likes the random hookups.
  49. i am more of a relationship kind of guy.
  50. i like making that last call before i go to sleep.
  51. i often have trouble sleeping.
  52. i feel uncomfortable during stretches of silence. i like to have background noise wherever i am. you'll usually hear music or something from the tv.
  53. the most valuable things i own are my laptop and my hockey card collection. neither one of them can be worth much more than $1,200.
  54. i have a love for word games.
  55. you will not beat me at boggle.
  56. i like to think of myself as a jovial person.
  57. i can be annoyingly stubborn at times though.
  58. my favorite holiday is thanksgiving.
  59. i'm a big fan of eating.
  60. i love me some sushi. spicy tuna and california rolls in particular, with lots of spicy mayo sauce.
  61. i have always had a feeling that i would die at a young age.
  62. in case you can't tell i have thus far managed to prove myself wrong.
  63. this is the only instance in which i am glad to have been proved wrong.
  64. when i was a boy i used to think that being able to shave would finally make me a man.
  65. i wish i could kick that boy. i hate shaving. there is nothing manly about it.
  66. i consider myself to be a very good driver.
  67. i have had some infractions. but none of them were my fault of course.
  68. you would be accurate if you thought i was a speed demon.
  69. my favorite animals are cows and turtles.
  70. i tend to get excited when i see cows. contrary to what you may be thinking right now i am not a hick.
  71. i believe that whenever someone says 'the city' there is only one possible city that said person can be referring to. that city is of course new york city.
  72. i like to consider myself a new york guy.
  73. because of #72 you can tell that i am from jersey.
  74. i may make fun of jersey often, but i have my jersey pride.
  75. i don't like to be ordered to do things. if you want me to do something, just ask.
  76. i am very indecisive.
  77. i like to try and play jeopardy along with the contestants.
  78. i talk shit when i know an answer that they don't.
  79. i don't get to talk shit very often.
  80. i am not one of those people who needs to have a fancy car. give me an altima or a pathfinder and i'll be the happiest guy on earth.
  81. in case you can't tell i have a preference for nissan's.
  82. i have a dot on my thumb that appeared 6-8 years ago out of nowhere.
  83. i can be very random.
  84. i'm a very independent person.
  85. i have a special place in my heart reserved for jessica alba.
  86. i am a movie junkie.
  87. my two favorite movies are shawshank redemption and american history x.
  88. i love to take pictures.
  89. my favorite mythological creature is a phoenix.
  90. it's my favorite word. i love how it's not spelled the way it sounds.
  91. i have always been fascinated with astronomy.
  92. if i could go anywhere it would be the moon and/or pluto.
  93. i have my very own star.
  94. i named it blugo (pronounced blue-go in one swift motion. it's gotta be swift).
  95. i discovered it when i was in high school and came up with the name because it was blue and i wanted to go there.
  96. i am not very creative.
  97. i am also not a good writer.
  98. i really like to read, but don't do it as often as i'd like because i'm very, very, slow at it.
  99. i have been given many nicknames in my life.
  100. i have dispensed many as well (my sisters are known as 'piggy' and 'the ugly'. note: the ugly can be pronounced 'the oooglie' if desired. use of the word 'the' is necessary though).
  101. i have a penchant for nicknames.
my philosophy...

like a phoenix we burn
ourselves all our lives hoping
that the ashes will give birth
to a new us... but all that's left
in the end is nothing.

i have a penchant for nicknames

101 things all about me
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